How To Make Vegetable Masala Idli


Idli is an Indian dish that is often soft and made with rise as well as urad cereals which are allowed to ferment first of all and then are cooked so as to make a dish that is perfectly rich in contents of starch and comes with awesome taste. Often idli is served with dosa which is again an Indian dish.

Vegetable Masala Idli

Masala Idli Ingredients

300 gram rice
100 gram urad
Nuts ( grated)
Salt and pepper to taste
Added spices
A pinch of baking soda


Garnishing:- With nuts and grated coconut chutney


Method To Make Masala Idli


1. You will need to soak both the urad and rice in water and put them together in a blender to grind both together. Let it kept untouched for fermentation to take place after adding the salt and baking soda to it.


2. Take an oven tray and apply the cooking oil to the base. Place the nuts in the fermented mixture, shaping it up and cook the idli this way. The stuffing’s should be kept in the mid of it.


3. After the idli are cooked for perfect temperature, they are taken out and served hot.


Chef’s tip:-

You are advised to go for multiple nuts including pistachios, almonds etc. preferably grated.


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