How To Make Steamed Veg Momos


Momos are eaten in almost all the parts of the world and even the Chinese restaurants these days are specialized in serving momos to their customers. The dish is an oriental one and is relished widely across the globe and majorly in Asian parts of the world.


Momos Ingredients

Sugar, Salt and pepper/ chili according to taste
Chopped veggies like carrots, cabbages and garlic
2 tbsp cooking oil
1 chopped onion and tomato
Soya sauce/ chili sauce
100 grams, Normal flour


Method To Make Momos


1. Take the flour in a bowl and then add salt, pepper, water and oil to form dough from it. Avoid formation of lumps and keep it covered for a while.


2. Take some cooking oil in a pan and then add the sliced and diced tomato, onion, garlic cloves to it. Fry the veggies till color change occurs with the onions.


3. Make the stuffing’s for momos with the help of carrots, cabbages and garlic either keep them fried earlier treating them with spices and soya sauce or do it later.


4. Pour some sugar if needed and then cut the dough in small portions. Make the dough get thin and fill it with the stuffing’s giving it the momos like shape.


5. Steam the momos with a steamer and serve hot with chili sauce and tomato sauce sprinkled over it.


Chef’s tip:-

The momos get better with the amount of steam applied to them and thus you are advised to make usage of a steamer or a hot water containing container to give steam to the momos.


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