How To Make Eggs Omellete Recipe


omelette can be referred to as a bread like spongy dish made with the egg yolk. Often it is served along with some tomato ketchup after putting it between the slices of bread to give perfect blend of taste that everybody likes. This dish is famous in all parts of the world due to the huge number of omelette and egg fans present in the world.

omellete recipe


2 eggs
2 tsp cooking oil or ghee
Salt and pepper to taste
2 slices of bread



Tomato ketchup
coriander leaves


Method to Make omelette


1. First of all, beat the eggs and take out the yolk out from them in a glass. Now use a spoon to mix together well the yolk of both the eggs in a proper way and then keep it aside.


2. Put a frying pan over the stove and add the cooking oil or ghee to it. Pour up the egg yolk gently in the pan in such a way that the entire circular base gets it over it. A circular chappati like formation will be made that you have to turn with the help of a spatula after one minute.


3. Now fry from the other side while you toss and turn it and then serve it after garnishing keeping it between the bread slices and putting some tomato ketchup in between.


Chef’s Tip:-

Keep adjusting the pan’s position picking it up in your hands to make the egg yolk make its way to the entire area of base. Add the onion or tomato slices afterwards if you want. Sprinkle salt and pepper if you need.


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