Paneer Ke Parathe Ki Recipe


Just like we make chapattis from the dough, paneer ke paronthe can be taken as the chapattis made adding pander to it. These are then put on a tawa with some butter to prepare an awesome diet with great taste.

Paneer Ke Parathe Ki Recipe - पनीर के पराठे बनाने की विधि


200 grams, Paneer (grated)
400 gram wheat flour
4 tbsp cooking oil/ butter
Salt and pepper/ chilli to taste


Garnishing:- With butter and chutney/ sauce




1. Mix the flour with water, kneading it in a proper way. Add salt and pepper according to the need.


2. Make the balls with the dough just like you do while making chapattis and knead it after stuffing the grated cheese to it giving it a chapatti like shape.


3. Put some cooking oil or butter on it and place it over a tawa so as to apply heat to it. Roll the parantha once it gets fried from one side and then put the other side on the tawa base.


4. Take out the parantha that has been made and serve it hot with garnishing made and butter poured over it.


Chef’s Tip:-

Remember to keep the dough somewhat tight so as to avoid the stuffing be ejected out of it.