How to Prepare Fish Fry Dinner Recipe


The dish that is made frying the flesh of fishes like salmon or tuna or any other such eatable brand of fishes is known as a fish fry. This dish is served in almost all the parts of world with non-veg lovers in it and is rather easy to be made at home as well.

fish fry Recipe

Fish Fry Ingredients


500 gram fish (raw)
150 gram basmati rice (cooked)
A tsp of Cumin and fennel seeds
Chili, ginger and garlic paste
Turmeric powder (optional)
A pinch of asafoetida


Method to Make Fish Fry


1.First of all roast and grind all the seeds that you have to convert them to powdered form. Combine it with the roasted powder of seeds.


2. Add chili, salt and turmeric powder to it and then pour up some curd, lime juice, the other spices, the ghee and asafoetida to make the marinade.


3. Now apply the marinade to your fish and coat it thoroughly with the paste.


4. Now fry the fish in oil along with onion, tomato and added spices and then add the boiled rice. Cook while stirring and the fish fry will be ready this way.


Chef’s tip:-

It is better if you keep the rice pre-cooked as it saves a lot of your time. In case you can’t do that simply keep the rice dipped in boiling water and then fry along with the fish.