Cucumber Raita Recipe By Food Expert


All of you must be aware of the cucumber vegetable right/ well it can be used to make awesome raita from it adding it to the whisked yoghurt along with some spices added. The raita so made is awesome in taste and is rather nutritious as well.

Cucumber Raita Recipe By Food Expert - Kheere ka Raita


4 cucumbers
500ml yoghurt
Salt and pepper to taste
Some roasted jeera


Garnishing:- With some black salt




1. First of all, take the yoghurt in a blender and add 100ml water to it. Switch on the blender to whisk and blend the yoghurt and turn it to the fine liquid that we call Lassi.


2. Take the cucumbers one by one and make them grated finely. Collect the grated cucumbers on a bowl.


3. Take the grated cucumbers and lassi again in the blender and add the salt, pepper and roasted jeera to it. Blend again and your cucumber Raita will be ready to serve.


Chef’s tip:-

For roasting the jeera, it is advised that you make usage of the tawa to roast the jeera and then make usage of the belan that you make usage of to make chapattis so as to knead the roasted jeera under it and then add it to the raita that you have made.