How to Make Fried Egg Recipe


A fried egg can be taken as a cooked dish that is made after frying up the egg in a frying pan and is eaten as a breakfast much often in all parts of the world due to the protein content that it has got in it. It is rather easy to be made and thus people prefer it as an instant breakfast for them.

How to Make Fried Egg Recipe

Fried Egg Recipe


2 tbsp Refined oil or Olive oil
4 eggs
Salt and pepper to taste


Garnish:- With coriander leaves


Method to Make Fried Egg Recipe:-


1. Take a pan and start heating oil in it at medium temperature. Eggs Omellete Recipe


2. Take a spoon and break up the egg covering with it. Slip the egg yolk out from the covering and eject it in the pan throwing up the outer covering into dustbin. Do this with all the four eggs gently.


3. Cook this yolk slowly and let it get thickened. Flip it up after it gets cooked and then cook the other side.


4. Add the salt and pepper to taste after taking it out in some clean plate.


5. Add sauce according to the flavor that you like and you may eat it alone or even after putting it between two breads as well.


Chef’s tip-

The fresher the eggs are, the better the taste gets. You may even choose to add some chili flakes according to taste.