How to Get Rid of Tree Roots


We get our food from the mouth and consume it through the food pipe to the body, but plants do not have the dedicated mouths and instead they have the roots for this purpose. The roots of plants and trees go deep inside the soil and enable them to suck up the water and other essentials like minerals etc from it, but in case you are planning to chop down a plant, it will leave the roots buried under the soil that may lead for the plant to resurrect and thus there comes a need to look for the safe approaches to do so and in case you need to do the same, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here. (How to Get Rid of Tree Roots)

How to Get Rid of Tree Roots

How to Get Rid of Tree Roots

1. Use The J.C.B Machine For The Big Trees:-

In case of the extra big trees like neem or sesame or the banyan tree, the roots may go extra deep and it may cause a problem while plucking them off or chopping them down as the roots have gone much deep and it is almost impossible to take them out with normal digging and thus you are advised to go for a JCB machine to take out the roots of such plants from the soil.

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2. The Sickle And Mud Removal Approach For The Small Trees:-

Sickle is an equipment that can be bought in use to remove the roots of the small trees or plants. Simply dig the soil and take out the plant or the tree along with its roots making use of this equipment. In case you have got a potted plant instead of a plant sown in the ground, the mud removal approach may also make you some benefit as well. (How to Get Rid of Tree Roots)

3. Hand Digging for Somewhat Small Plants:-

In case of the small plants that you have sown after digging in the ground, you may also choose to go for the hand digging based approach as it has been proven to remove the roots from soil. You may also choose to use water for clearing the soil from that area and make the roots easy detachable from ground. (How to Get Rid of Tree Roots)

4. Try Plucking the Small Plants All of a Sudden to Get the Roots Along With It:-

One approach that I myself have practiced to remove the plants from the area where they have been sown, is to remove them all of a sudden plucking them off from the ground. This approach is proven to remove the most of the portion of the roots and rest you can achieve with hand digging.

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5. Get The Help of A Profession Al In Case The Problem Is Quiet Big:-

The soil can be made wet fort easy plucking of the roots and in case the approaches seem to fail that I have mentioned here, you may choose to take the help of some professional wood chipper to make this happen with your plant or tree. It partially also depends on the type of tree that you are plucking off the ground as some of the trees may have their roots gone beyond 10-20 feet in the ground.