What to Have for a Healthy Breakfast


Breakfast is the food that we have in the morning. This should be nutritious enough to make us get energized for the day’s routine and according to the health experts; we should have basically a protein based diet as a breakfast in the morning.  This includes the eggs, the yogurt, the morning chapattis etc. and in case you are still confused how your breakfast strategy should be like, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here for this purpose.

what to have for a healthy breakfast

1. Milk Is the Necessity:-

Milk is rich in proteins which are the basic body building food and hence it is the first thing that you should take in the breakfast. Milk makes your bones strong and makes you taller, stronger and sharper. Milk has also been found to be an awesome drink for growth and thus it should be consumed

2. Some Food Rich in Fibers:-

Depending on the availability of food, you may also choose to go for some food item rich in fibers as well. If you suffer from a problem related to intestine, the fiber rich food is the best suitable food in that time to relieve you against the sensation of inflammation and burning like feeling related to such problems.

3. Some Fruit or Salad:-

Along with the daily chapattis, you may also choose to go for some fruit or vegetable salad as well. It is good to take some roughage or some fruit juice in the morning as a liquid diet is the best absorbed by the human body and the human body is able to take the most out of it as well.

4. Probiotics for Better Gut:-

It should be noted that the yogurt and the other probiotic drinks that we consume are rich in the bacteria that lives in the stomach and helps to crowd out the unwanted bacteria from it. In case you need to live healthy, you are advised to go for probiotic drink like yogurt with your breakfast so as to keep your gut healthy

5. Sandwiches with Butter or Jam:-

For the children who turn their faces on the name of breakfast and who are in a hurry to leave for the office after waking up late in the morning, you may choose to give them a breakfast of sandwiches added with some peanut butter or jam as this one is a proven nourishing diet.

6. Butter Chapattis:-

Butter applied chapattis is the another good option for breakfast. At the time of supper we should eat less as it is the end of day and we are to sleep after that, which means the body won’t be able to take out the most of the food that we eat and thus we should go for eating more in the morning as it is best digested by the body.