How Did The Calendar Begin (4 Steps)


We know that the earth keeps on rotating around its axis and meanwhile, keeps rotating the sun as well. Talking about a calendar, it can be taken as a schematic way to divide the span in which the earth completes one revolution around the sun. Now, as we see that there are countless kinds of calendars that can be seen existing from even before than the medieval period, namely the Maya calendar or the other such calendars, it fills our mindset with a question how these calendars must have come into existence and to enrich your knowledge regarding the same, you may read the following data that we have bought for you regarding the same.

How Did The Calendar Begin

1. The Calendars Used To Exist Earlier As Well:-

You must have heard about a kind of rumor that was spread in the society, when the year 2011 was just about to end that in 2012 the world will meet its doom. This rumors was spread by the fact that there was only one calendar available with the concerned departments from the Maya period and it only had year 2012 as its last year, but later on when the other such calendars were seen and the world did not meet even a scratch at this point of time, people realized that the rumors are only meant to waste some of your time.

2. The Concept of 365-366 Days:-

The time between full moons is 29.53 days and we know that there are only 365 days in a normal year and in a leap year there are 366 days, but the earth is always moving with the same speed around the sun, then why it is that there are 365 days in three years and the fourth one comes to have 366 days instead being a leap year? Well, this can be understood simply as an ordinary year is actually 365 days 5 hours 48 minutes 46 Seconds long, but these 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds can’t comprise a day, which is why we do not count this span in three years and add the surplus to the fourth year making it a leap year with 366 days.

3. Calendars Used to Exist Earlier As Well:-

We do not get a clear idea about calendars before the birth of Christ, but after the Christ was born, the years came into existence and this is why we name years as 200 A.D or 200 B.C which means before Christ or after death.

4. The Variation with Calendars in Modern Time:-

The reason that I gave in the above point regarding the year to be leap or non-leap is fine, but in the modern world we see that there are certain kinds of years. The banks begin their year from the 1st of April while the other ones also follow certain other criterions for judging the start of the year how is this so? Well the working and audits of some institutions get completed till March and these institutions prefer using the day after audits get completed as the start of the New Year which generally occurs in the April month while the certain other systems may have certain other strategies regarding the same.