How is Coal Formed


Coal being a non-renewable source of energy, today used in various purposes of everyday life and some of these include burning it for fuel, as a fuel in furnaces and chimneys and even in some household work or making the steam based electricity, etc. We know that coal is non-renewable and even generates pollution is form of carbonic pollutants, but a few only are aware of the fact how it gets formed which is why we are here explaining the exact way for this phenomenon to happen. (How is Coal Formed)

How Is Coal Formed

How is Coal Formed

1. Taken Million of Years to get formed:-

Talking about the formation of coal, it got formed millions of years ago when the earth used to have forests that were swampy with big plants like reeds, ferns and mosses. Now these plants used to be alive in that period, but when these dies and fell into the swamp waters, new plants took their place and dirt, dust and layers of soil kept on depositing over and over with various atmospheric processes going on that in turn resulted in the formation of coal.

2. These Used To Be Giant Plants once:-

The plants that we mentioned here to have resulted in the form of fossils that in turn became transformed into coal once used to be the giant plants and these plants used to exist on earth even before the age of dinosaurs.

3. The Atmospheric Processes That It Underwent:-

The layered and decayed buried plants underwent the various atmospheric processed that resulted in change of composition of these plants and with each layer being layered naturally over these fossils, the pressure conditions also bought about a desired change which took millions of years to occur which is why we say coal is a non-renewable source of energy as once ended, it will take millions of years to occur again. (How is Coal Formed)

4. Now, after That, the Formation of Coal Took Place:-

Now, as I told you earlier, various processes were going on after the plants got piled up with layers of dirt and that followed thousand years of pressure and pushing that the gases took it. We know that anything turns out to ashes when there is presence of oxygen and here also oxygen has played a dedicated role turning these remains into black mass that we regard as coal. (How is Coal Formed)

5. How The Extraction of Coal Begin:-

Now it was not that just these plants met this phenomenon of layering and fossilization but it was that even the new plants kept on dying and turning on like this that in turn resulted on more coal and as a result of it we have got several types of coal with us. Now the extraction of coal is done with the process called mining, which includes underground tunnels to be build and coal is scratched out of these tunnels with the help of tools. (How is Coal Formed)