How to be an Effective Mentor


A mentor is an experimented and trusted advisor. In order to mentor people, you need to adopt all the qualities and traits of a good adviser and councilor first of all. Besides this, you should have a lack of arrogance, richness of leadership qualities and ability to connect and communicate with a variety of people. These people can be from any specific age group or circle and you can be asked anywhere to stand in front of them. When it comes to mentorship, you should have all these qualities in-built in yourself. In order to be able to mentor people, the following tips can be adopted:- (How to be an Effective Mentor)

How to be an Effective Mentor

How to be an Effective Mentor

1. A Good Skill of Communication:-

A good mentor always has a good sense of communication. He is a man of listening ability and once he listens to someone’s jeopardy, he comes up with the best possible solutions to it. By good communications skills, we mean the ability to stand in front of people and to interact with them. (How to be an Effective Mentor)

2. Know Where to Keep Your Voice high or Low:-

A perfect mentor always knows exactly when to keep his pitch high or low. He will keep calm at several places and he will soon turn out to be a face of ignited fire wherever needed. A perfect kind of mentor knows exactly what kind of tone can transform a stubborn person into a believer and this he is a great personality.

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3. Know the Way of Making an Eye Contact:-

A perfect mentor will always make an eye contact with his listeners. This eye contact will prove to be a favorable way of interaction and thus such a person can easily create a spell bound for people to get motivated and to be able to move forward from the face of remorse to a face of revolution.

4. Know Exactly How To Motivate People or To Ignite Fire in Them:-

You need to be a man of quotes in order to be a mentor. Your words should be like “Who says we can’t make a hole in the sky without trying it with all his might”. I am just giving an example here. A perfect mentor can use any such motivational quotes and examples in her words to motivate people. Most of the mentors exactly know how to ignite a fire in hearts of people and thus they are a personality with guts. (How to be an Effective Mentor)

5. Know Exactly How To Control Feelings and Senses:-

A perfect mentor will always have a control on his/her feelings and senses. He won’t get exaggerated or reverted by someone’s words and their face never turns into the face of violence so much easily. They are like an iron smith who waits for the iron sheet to get warm before hammering it and thus they always know how to make the best out of a man.

6. Never treat someone as an Employee or a Person of Low Esteem than You:-

A perfect mentor never treats anyone as subordinate to him. Such a person will never treat you as a person of low esteem. He won’t treat you as an employee even if you work under him and instead he will address you as a child or brother or a workmate. He will use sophisticated words in his sentences and he will exactly have an idea what he speaks while speaking. (How to be an Effective Mentor)