How to Clean Granite


Granite is used these days in making the kitchen tops, the countertops and even the gas stove finishing’s. Granite is basically a kind of stone that may get spoiled because of the depletion that the chemical cleaners are likely to cause it and thus there comes a need to look for some granite friendly measures to clean it besides saving it from this deterioration and in case you need to achieve the same, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here. (How to Clean Granite)

ways to clean granite countertops

How to Clean Granite

1. Bring Home Granite cleaner:-

As not everything suits granite cleaning approaches, you may be required to bring home some good granite cleaner in order to go for cleaning the granite slabs in a favorable way. This will make you get free from the hazards that the chemical cleaners may have caused instead. (How to Clean Granite)

2. Go for the Dusting First of All:-

While beginning the cleaning approach for the cleaning of granite slabs, you will be first of all required to do the dusting of granite slabs to make the dust and dirt accumulated on it over a period of time get removed. This may be done with a clean piece of cloth to get the better results, but make sure that it should not be wet from anywhere.

3. Wipe It Off With A Clean Cloth:-

After the dusting finishes, wipe off the entire body of the granite material with that clean cloth only. Simply rub the area using this cloth in a gentle way and the tough stains that follow can be washed off with water later on if you need it. (How to Clean Granite)

4. Sprinkle Some Water and Then Wipe It Off:-

The water spraying bottles like the ones that barbers keep with them can be bought in use for making the granite slabs get wet first of all and then even the tough stains can be wiped off with it using a spare toothbrush that nobody uses. This way, even the toughest stains will go away, leaving the granite slab as good as new. (How to Clean Granite)

5. Usage of Baking Soda as A Cleaner:-

The baking soda that is bought in use as a kitchen ingredient in making many dishes can be bought in use in diluted form to clean the granite slabs. Simply add it in water to make the dilute cleaning solution, fill the spraying bottle with it and then go for the cleaning of granite slab using a clean cotton cloth.  (How to Clean Granite)

6. Preventing The Further Stains:-

The further stains can be prevented covering the slab with some piece of cloth or else you may choose to clean it the very time when it meets some stain because of the food portions that spill on it because of some mistake that you have committed. Cleaning it off the very mean time will prevent it from getting stained and keep it as good as new.