How to Get Thicker Hair Naturally


To have thicker hair is what perhaps every woman wants as the thicker hairs are less prone to falling and look really powerful. There are fewer hazards associated with the thick hair and rather it enhances the hair beauty as well. In case you have got really thin hair that are always prone to falling, the time has come that you need to think about the approaches that can make you have your hair get thicker with time and in order to do that you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here for this purpose. (How to Get Thicker Hair)

How to Get Thicker Hair

How to Get Thicker Hair

1. Provide Some Keratin to Your Hair:-

In order to have your hair getting thicker with time, you may choose to supply some amount of keratin nutrients to them. This will make them stronger, shinier and thicker. You may obtain keratin from hair supplements based nourishment gels and creams or oils.

2. Enrich Them with Proteins:-

Try enriching your hair with proteins in order to make them thick. This includes you to go for the things like the application of egg yolk with your hair or application of yoghurt with your hair, keeping the ingredients applied to your hair for more than half an hour and then rinse it off with water. (How to Get Thicker Hair)

3. Apply Some good shampoo and conditioner:-

The problem with some people having very thin hair is that they never go for the nourishment of hair with oils and rather they never go for applying their hair with some good shampoo or using some good conditioner for conditioning their hair and thus we are advising you to go for the application of some good shampoo and conditioner with your hair in order to make them thick with time.

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4. Wash Them Up With Neem Water:-

The leaves of neem tree and the juice out of its bark is rich in the medicinal properties that make it an ideal for making your hair thick, long and strong. Besides it, this keeps the hair and scalp free from hair problems as well and this is why we advise you to go for this step. (How to Get Thicker Hair )

5. Regularly Condition them:-

You are advised to go for the regular conditioning of your hair. Using ammonia or chemical based products may damage your hair instead of making them thick and strong. You may choose to go for the application of henna after a desired interval of time, but it is advised that you do not make the use of chemical products to avoid the side effects.

6. Use Multiple Hair Thickening Oils with Your Hair:-

Try nourishing your hair with multiple hair thickening oils as it has been proven that the hair oils have the power to make your hair get stronger with time. It is rather proven that the hair oils make your hair thick, long and shiny if applied regularly from tips to roots, it will rather reduce the problems with your scalp as well. (How to Get Thicker Hair)