How to Install Ceramic Tiles


Houses these days are much prone to the water crisis and this is why there is a need for the approach that does not fails even in the areas where the walls are prone to water and this one includes the usage of ceramic tiles within the houses. These ones are fashionable, trendy, sleek, shining and look simply gorgeous everywhere. These days all the modern city houses are made fixing ceramic tiles in them and in case you need to fix them yourself to save some of your pocket’s bucks, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here. (How to Install Ceramic Tiles)

How to Install Ceramic Tiles

How to Install Ceramic Tiles

1. You Will Need Some Cement or Tile Fixing Chemical:-

In order to fix the ceramic tiles, you will first of all need to have some cement mixture be laid on the floor first of all. This cement mixture can compromise of the ceramic tile chemical mixture or may even be a mixture of quick cement. Simply make the mixture and then lay it over the associated area while fixing the tiles. Start layering the cement mixture fixing tiles one by one about in a perfect symmetry. (How to Install Ceramic Tiles)

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2. Grout to Apply at the Tile Joints:-

Obviously there will be some space left between the area where two tiles join together and this is why we advise you to keep the mixture of grout ready for this purpose. This mixture of grout will be filled between the tiles when they get fixed properly so as to give the finishing look to the area. The extra grout can be wiped off immediately with some dry piece of cloth.

3. A Cutter To Cut And Trim The Ceramic Tiles Wherever Needed:-

In case of corners, there must be a point of time when you felt that the entire tile piece cannot fit in and thus you need to trim or cut the tile into the requisite size. Now there is a kind of tile cutting machine available in the markets that can be bought in use to cut or trim the tiles to requisite size. (How to Install Ceramic Tiles)

4. Now Start Applying a Mixture of Cement with the Associated Area:-

Now, after the tiles have been trimmed to the requisite size, you simply need to apply the cement mixture again and position the tiles to that area. The ceramic tiles will get fixed up properly when the cement mixture gets dried out and the finishing touch given with grout will be enough to make it look presentable.

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5. In case there is some improper fixing made:-

In case there is some improper fixing made, you just need to insert some flat part of iron rod under the tile and pull it up gently. Now, after pulling up this tile, you may need to apply new mixture, but remember to keep the level same as of the other tiles making the cement mixture flat from that area. The new tile can be fixed afterwards and this way the entire area can be decorated and installed with ceramic tiles. (How to Install Ceramic Tiles)