How to Keep Hair Straight


Our hair is something that defines our beauty and both the man as well as women is conscious about their hair because of this reason only.  The hair that go curly and wavy or sticky don’t look presentable often, sometimes and thus some people may choose to go for making their hair get straightened as the straight hair look really great with people having them. In case you need to go for the permanent straightening, this may cost you much and thus here we are mentioning some tips for you to make and keep them straight at home. (How to Keep Hair Straight)

How to Keep Hair Straight

1. Bring Home A Hair Dryer:-

In order to make your hair get straighten with time, you are advised to go for the usage of a hair dryer as it is the best suiting way to make your hair dry first and then blow hot air on them to make them straight. The hair dryers are rather cheaply available in all markets and can be easily bought in use as well. (How to Keep Hair Straight)

2. The Water, Steam Based Approach:-

The hot water based steam can also be bought in use to straighten your hair. Simply boil some water so as to let the steam get formed out of it and that steam must be exposed to your hair to make them get straighten with time. This approach should rather be bought into use regularly to have added benefits against the hair straightening process.

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3. Use Neem Water with Your Hair:-

The juice out of neem tree leaves and the bark of it can be bought in use to make your hair get straighten with time. Simply go for the application of water boiled with neem tree leaves in it and it will make your hair get straight with time.

4. Use Egg Yolk with Your Hair:-

Have some yolk taken out of the eggs and apply it against your hair, keeping it applied for an hour and then rinse off with water. Go for the straightening process afterwards and you will see that your hair have got nourished and beside it, they have got straighten as well. (How to Keep Hair Straight)

5. Proper Conditioning for Better Straight Hair:-

There are a range of hair conditioners available in the markets these days and these conditioners if used in a proper way can really help you keep your hair straighten as well. You may also choose to go for hair rebounding so as to have additive strength against the hair problems and make your hair get straighten with time.

6. Try Shampoo first and then go For the Hair Straighter:-

It is advised that you go for the application of shampoo with your hair first of all and then use the rest of approaches with them. Shampoo can partially cure the hair and make them get separated from each other while a conditioner applied afterwards can help you straighten them in a favorable way. (How to Keep Hair Straight)