How to Keep Mosquitoes Away


Our science teacher used to remind us that it is the nature’s rule that the males have been much more polite and quieter than the females and same is the case with mosquitoes. The majority or diseases like malaria, typhoid, chickungunia, filaria, dengue etc are caused by the female mosquitoes while the males do nothing but suck the juices from flowers and spread dirt everywhere. Well this was simply a joke that he used to tell us to refresh our minds and instead I will rather say that every single mosquito is dangerous and in case you have them in your surroundings, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here so as to get rid of them in a better way.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away

1. Use the Mosquito Net while sleeping:-

In case you need to sleep and mosquitoes have become a trouble for you, try using a sleeping net with your bed. This will prevent the mosquitoes from coming inside and you will get a sigh of relief against them. The pores in the mosquito net are so small that it does not allow the mosquitoes to pass through it.

2. Have Some Mosquito Repellent Cream Applied to Your Skin:-

There is a sort of mosquito repellant creams available in the markets these days that if applied to your skin make mosquitoes stay away of you. These types of creams are associated with a pungent smell that keeps the mosquitoes away and thus this can prove to be a better option for you to get rid of the mosquitoes.

3. Spray the Mosquito Removal Chemicals:-

The mosquito removal chemicals can be sprayed in your surroundings to make the mosquitoes get killed and save you against them. The municipality department can be called to make a visit to your locality and spray up these chemicals as these chemicals are available with these departments.

4. Have The Noise Generating Mosquito Repellants Plugged In:-

There are certain kinds of gadgets available in the markets these days that simply need to be plugged in the switch board and once plugged generate a noise that is pleasant to our ears but the mosquitoes try to run away with that noise as it is not tolerable to them.

5. Use the Coil/ Mat or Machine Based Mosquito Removal Approach:-

There are certain kinds of mosquito repellent coils and mats available in the markets these days that can be bought in use to get rid of the mosquitoes. You may even bring home the mosquito repellent machine to refill that needs to be plugged into the electric board and then leaves the smell that repels the mosquitoes away.

6. Spray up the Mosquito Removal Sprays:-

In case no approach seems to be helpful, try hanging an onion with the bulb that you have got positioned for lightning arrangements or even if it does not makes benefit, try using the mosquito repellant sprays that are available with every kitchen items store.