How To Make Almond Badaam Ka Halwa


Badam Halwa is an awesome Indian dessert made with almonds as a main ingredient in it. This one is served as a dessert after food and proves to be an awesome dish for various festive occasions as well. The recipe is rather easy to be made at home and proves to be a perfect blend of taste for all age groups.badaam-halwa

Almond halwa Ingredients

500 gram almonds (soaked overnight in hot water)
250 gram milk
100 gram ghee
Sugar according to taste
A few cardamom and raisins (soaked overnight)


Garnishing :-

With nuts and sesame seeds


Method To Make Almond halwa


1. Remove the outer skin from almonds and then grate all these almonds or put them in a blender to make a paste like mixture out of them.


2. Put a frying pan on the gas stove now and put some ghee in it.


3. Now put all the ingredients in it including the almonds, the raisins, the sugar, the cardamom, the milk etc.


4. Keep on heating it while stirring with a spoon so that no lump formation takes place and then take off the halwa once splattering stops occurring with it.


5. The halwa will be made once there is no moisture left in the pan in which you are cooking it.


Chef’s Tip:-

Some roasted flour can also be added while making badam halwa if enough almonds are not available.


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