How to Make Baby Food


When you are a parent, it becomes necessary to take every sort of care for your baby, including the food that is provided to him and thus in case you have a baby, we here have come with an awesome Mango fruit based dish that you can feed your baby with. (How to Make Baby food)

How to Make Baby food

How to Make Baby food


200 gram pulp of mango preferably Alfonzo)
200 gram plain yoghurt (preferably homemade)
100 gram coconut and almonds (grated)
Sugar according to taste
2 tbsp ghee or butter
100 gram rawa
Added dry fruits (grated)

Garnishing: – With roasted almonds


1. Take a pan and put ghee or butter in it. Let it melt with some heat applied and then add rawa to it. Let the rawa turn golden brown in color and then keep it of from the stove.

2. Add the dry fruits, grated coconut and almonds, plain yoghurt, mango slices and sugar to a blender and then switch the blender on to turn all these to a paste form. (How to Make Baby food)

3. Add this paste to the rawa and make a thick batter. Cook it and serve it when it gets cooled. Your baby food is ready with the goodness of mangoes that are a perfect source of Vitamins and minerals.


Chef’s Tip:-

There are certain other baby foods that include milk or yoghurt as a main ingredient. Some baby food can also be made with rice as well. (How to Make Baby food)