How To Make Ice Cream At Home


Ice cream can be understood as a frozen ice that is flavored so as to be eaten as a snack or food, relished in summers by most of the people, ice creams are a good source of coping up with summers and added with fruits and desserts so as to give flavor. (How To Make Ice Cream)

How To Make Ice Cream At Home

How To Make Ice Cream

Ingredients (For four cups):-

Nuts and raisins (grinded ones according to wish)
Ice cream essence ( to add flavor)
½ cup cream
3 ½ cup Milk
8  tsp Sugar
Few Grated coconut
2 tbsp Chocolate liquid

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Method to make ice cream:-


1. First of all, take the milk and put it in the mixer jar of your mixer machine along with the sugar and ice cream essence to it. Add the cream to it and switch on the mixer after putting on the mixer lid. The cream will get blended within the milk. (How To Make Ice Cream)


2. Pour up the blended mixture in the ice cream cups and then add grated coconut and grinded nuts and raisins to it.


3. Let the liquid chocolate be dipped in it in a circular motion so as to make the mixture get a swirly chocolaty look.


4.  Store the cups in a deep freezer so as to get the ice cream mixture get freeze at a proper temperature.


5. Take the ice cream out after the desired freezing time and serve them cool. (How To Make Ice Cream)

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Chef’s Tip:-

While you put the ice cream cups in freezer, you should apply some salt to the portion underneath the ice cream cups as it is believed that it makes ice cream get freeze quickly. (How To Make Ice Cream)