How to Make Mango Shakes


Mango shakes is a milk based mango drink that is made after slicing the best selected juicy mangoes added with other fruits and nuts in it. This proves to be an awesome blend of taste and people from almost all age groups prefer eating it. (How to Make Mango Shakes)

How to Make Mango Shakes

How to Make Mango Shakes


2 medium sized mangoes (peeled and sliced)
Grated coconut
40 gram cream
Some ice cubes
Mango fruit flavored ice cream (optional)
A handful of Grated nuts and raisins soaked overnight
Some strawberries or any other fruit to have a slightly tart taste
Sugar or honey according to taste
150ml milk
100ml water


Garnishing: – With grated nuts and coconut




1. Take the ice cubes and place them after crushing them in a juicer jar. Add the mango slices along with the sliced other fruits. (How to Make Mango Shakes)


2. Add the grated coconut, cream, grated nuts and raisins, honey or sugar and the other ingredients that you prefer.


3. Add water and milk to it and close the juicer lid while switching on the juicing machine. Juice up the ingredients till all the ingredients get mixed properly resulting in a shake like form.


4. Pour up the resulting juicy shake i9n the glasses and then scoop some ice cream to the respective glasses. Serve cool. (How to Make Mango Shakes)


Chef’s Tip:-

There is no boundation with the ingredients while making a milk shake. You may get experimental and add some more to it as well.