How to Make Muffins


Whenever I used to go on a date, my girlfriend always used to order muffins. These are best when served hot and this somewhat pastry like dish is likely to bring water to your mouth with the first appearance only. How to Make Muffins

How to Make Muffins - Steps and Requirements to Make Muffin

How to Make Muffins


200 gram fine wheat flour
300 gram sugar
100gram ghee or butter
100 gram Chocolate liquid or cocoa powder
4 eggs (optional)
1 pinch of Baking powder (with eggs)
1 tsp baking soda (without eggs)
5 grams, Fruit essence or vanilla essence
200ml water
Some muffin cups (8-10)


Garnishing:- Preferably with cherry or cream




1. Take a bowl and then add the flour to it along with the cocoa powder or liquid chocolate and baking powder to it. (How to Make Muffins)


2. You are advised to add egg yolk, sugar and ghee or butter to it now and mix well so as to form the mixture.


3. After the mixture gets formed, you are advised to add the fruit essence or vanilla essence to it and mix well the mixture afterwards. (How to Make Muffins)


4. Put water on the stove so as to boil it and then add this mixture to the boiled water. Keep rotating the mixture with spoon and then fill the muffin cups with it. How to Make Mango Shakes


5. Put these cups to a pre heated oven and let the baking process happen. The muffins will be ready this way.


Chef’s tip:-

It is better you consume muffins while they are somewhat hot as they will get tightened afterwards. (How to Make Muffins)