How To Make Paneer Patties


Paneer patties refers to the patties that we make stuffing them with the regional veggies along with paneer or cheese. You can take cottage cheese or mozzarella for this purpose. The dish serves to be a great morning snack and people choose to take it along with tea or coffee.

paneer patties recipe


200 gram cottage cheese (Grated or diced)
1 large potato (Boiled)
1 tomato (Kept in boiled water for some time)
A handful of frozen peas
20 gram raisins and cashews, soaked overnight
300 gram Maida
Salt and pepper according to taste


Garnishing:- With coriander leaves


Method To Make Paneer Patties


1. First of all we make the Maida dough mixing the Maida in water. We also mix a tablespoon of yoghurt to it.


2. Now we sideways prepare a mixture of boiled potato, frozen peas and raisins and cashews along with the cheese taken mashing each of them properly mixing along with the regional spices, salt and pepper according to taste.


3. Now we knead the Maida dough and then prepare triangular shaped Pattie covering with it. This covering is stuffed with the mixture that we prepared in step one and each of the triangular corners is perfectly closed.


4. Take the refined oil in a large pan now and fry each of the stuffed patties one by one in it. Serve after garnishing with sauce.


Chef’s tip:-


The tomatoes should be converted into the puree from before adding to the stuffing mixture and to make the patties even tangier, you can add a pinch of amchoor powder as well.



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