Phate doodh (sour milk) ka halwa Recipe


Generally the milk that gets spoiled is flushed in the sink, but it can be utilized making awesome sweet dish from it. You can make phate dudh ka halwa with this spoiled milk that would be relished by everyone in the house.

sour milk ka halwa


1 liter phata doodh (spoiled milk)
A few tbsps milk powder or yoghurt whatever available
A few strands of saffron (Boiled in milk to get it mixed)
Nuts and raisins soaked overnight in water
Sugar according to need
200 gram ghee or butter
150 gram flour (flour mixed with rawa)


Garnishing :- With whipped cream


Method To Make Sour Milk


1. We first of all take the condensed milk and then we add in the milk powder or yoghurt to it.


2. Now we add the saffron mixed milk to it and then we add it to a pan or you may say kadhayi


3. We keep on cooking the milk for a while and then we add the flour to it. We still keep cooking and then we add the ghee or butter.


4. Now comes the time to add the nuts and raisins and then comes the turn of sugar


5. We have to keep cooking while stirring with spoon till the mixture gets thick and then you can serve with garnishing.


Chef’s tip:-


Try to avoid lump formation taking place with the flour and keep in mind that the halwa should be kept thick as else it would become laapsi not halwa.



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