How to Modify Pistol Nerf Gun


Nerf gun is a gun from “Nerf” which is a toy making company. Most of the guns made by this company are made of plastic and you can easily modify such guns with plastic attachments and spare parts of other broken old guns. The guns like Nerf toy blaster and other such toy dart guns are the specialty of this toy making company, which works with a slogan “Accept No substitutes”. This gun typically fires foam darts or foam balls and thus children really enjoy firing it when we make a makeover by modifying it. In order to modify a nerf gun, the following tips can be bought into use:-

 How to Modify Pistol Nerf Gun

1. Mount A Plastic Scope:-

Mounting an artificial plastic scope over the gun gives it a kind of realistic feel. Artificial plastic scope can be mounted carving it from any old gun. You can even use a broken telescope to use one of its viewing cylinders as a scope with your gun. Don’t forget to shape it up properly in order to modify the gun.

2. Refill Darts:-

A gun is nothing without its bullets and most of the nerf guns operate on dart bullets which are harmless even if someone shoots them on you. If you have an old gun, it is most probable that the old darts must have got finished. You can bring new refill darts for your gun in order to give it the desired modification afterwards.

3. Get the Nerf Accessories:-

Most of the nerf accessories and modification units are available with nerf stores and you can bring them in use to mount them over the gun in order to give it a modification effect. You can even open up the gun in two separate portions to modify the inner mechanism if you are an expert in it.

4. Make Changes with the Elastic Band:-

Most of the nerf pistols work on an elastic inner mechanism for shooting bullets of dart. Making changes with the elastic band fixed in a nerf gun can make you increase its coiling and recoiling power many a times.  Even if your gun does not operate on a band or elastic based system, you can still use an elastic band with it to increase its recoiling power.

5. Modify the Physical Appearance:-

Next step in modification includes you to make changes to the appearance of the gun. You can use danger stickers and tattoos or polish and spray paint to change its external appearance. Besides this, you can also make changes with the trigger of your gun to make your fingers more comfortable with it.

6. Change the spring and Make a Gun Pouch:-

Change of spring with the gun can make the bullet shot faster and more accurate. Sometimes the spring loses its flexibility and thus the change of such a spring with a similar spring can make the gun even more powerful. Besides this, you can even design a gun and bullet carrying pouch for yourself to wear it like a cop with your belt in order to carry your gun when you walk.