Restaurants Style Mushroom Dry Recipe Step by Step


Mushroom dry is a veggie dish made with mushrooms as a main ingredient taken and often this dish is made without any gravy and this is why we call it dry mushroom. The dish is rather loved all over the world and is easy to be made at home as well.

Restaurants Style Mushroom Dry Recipe Step by Step

Image Source – Foodviva


200gram Maida
40 gram corn flour
Ginger garlic paste
Salt, sugar, pepper and chili according to taste
1 tsp soya sauce
250 gram mushrooms
3-4 onions (chopped)
A pinch of asafetida and black pepper
1 medium size green ball pepper


Garnishing:- With Coriander leaves




1. Make batter, mixing mushrooms that have been chopped properly along with the ginger garlic paste and other ingredients.


2. Now take oil in a pan and then fry the mushrooms in this oil first dipping them in the batter and then frying them till color change occurs.


3. Sideways the sauce needs to be prepared that will be made heating the oil, adding the onions, celery, chili, ginger and garlic, putting them together in a blender or frying the ingredients over the stove.


4. Now add the mushrooms that we fried to this sauce and serve after garnishing.


Chef’s Tip:-


You may also choose to go for the multiple spices according to your region and taste that is preferred.