How to Prepare to Leave Your Husband


Husbands are the gift of nature, but when the relation gets spoiled, these gifts become blunders and the weed of your neck. Often when you find your husband cheating you and staying in a living relationship with some other girl, it becomes necessary to teach him a good lesson and in such a case, the necessity is there to look for the approaches that can make you do it in a favorable way. In case you need to leave your husband, there is a proper procedure to go for that and being a law related professional, let me tell you the best way to do it.

How to Leave Your Husband

1. Do Not Go Out of The House Without Making A Police Complaint If There Is Some Quarrel:-

First of all, let me tell you that if you are planning to leave your in law’s house without telling them, you may choose to file a police complaint first of all as this will make the police have a knowledge about it and even the in laws won’t be able to put a blame over your head for some fake stealing or anything else like that.

2. Try Out Filing An F.I.R That Your Life Is In Danger:-

In case you fear that your husband and your in laws might try out taking revenge from you, you may choose to file an F.I.R against him in the nearest police station stating that your life is in danger because of your husband and your in laws and in case something happens to you, only they will be responsible for that.

3. File A Case In The Domestic Court If The Case Is of Dowry:-

There may be a need felt to file up a case in the domestic court if the in laws were demanding an amount in the face of dowry from you. This case will make the dowry seekers to be held by the law and thus you will be able to combat and deal with them in an easy way.

4. If Some Harassment Or Violence Has Been Done, Go For Another Case:-

In case some harassment had been done to you or you were beaten by someone, you may choose to file up another case in the domestic violence related court about this and this case will make you get justice for sure as this will held your in laws by the laws.

5. File The Case of Divorce If There Is No Hope Left:-

In case you feel that there can’t be a patch up made at any cost between the both parties, you may choose to go for filing another case of divorce against your husband and getting the divorce made, you will be free to leave your husband alone and even if you have got the kids, you can fight another case to get their custody.

6. Live Independently and Show Him You Got Life:-

Even after you have got the divorce, do not show that you ever cared as this will give the others a clue that you are weak and thus showing him that you got life and that too better than him, you will be able to leave your husband and even the slightest memories about him.