How Push Notifications Work in Android


A push notification is a kind of message that the system delivers with the help of server to the software application that you are using without a specific request from the client. These may be the android push notifications or the windows push notifications. These days almost all the new smart gadgets make the use of push notifications option so as to provide the user an instant access to things happening within several applications at a time and in case you need to know how these push notifications work, the information that we have bought here might prove knowledgeable to you.

How Push Notifications Work in Android

1. The Difference between A Push Notification and A Pull Notification:-

In case of a pull notification, the message will be fetched up from a specific website and displayed on the computer screen while in case of a push notification, the message is sent be specific software installed in a system. The software fetches the information and then it is displayed on screen.

2. The Push Notifications Can Also Be Switched Off:-

In case of pull notifications, some of the notifications require to be subscribed by the user while some occur by themselves. In order to get rid of these, the user needs to unsubscribe a specific website and in case of push notifications, the desired changes in settings can be made so as to avail it.

3. The Platform That You Are Using Is Responsible For That:-

In case of some devices, the platform that we are using on device is responsible for the generation of notifications. For ex, In case of Android devices, the messages and other such notifications from various applications get displayed on screen.

4. The Purpose of Having Push Notifications Enabled Within A System:-

Talking about the purpose of having push notifications enabled within a system, these are meant for the purpose of acknowledging an individual about the various things going on within the applications that he or she uses with the device. For ex, his transactions made the emails that he receives and other such notification messages.

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5.  How Push Notifications Are Beneficial:-

Suppose you have an important message to be received or an important online call to be received and you miss it because of something, in case of gadgets with notifications disabled, you will stay unaware of it till you yourself don’t find it and in case of gadgets with push notifications enabled, the gadget will itself give you an information about various things going on in the applications running through your device.

6. Push Notifications Compared To the Earlier Sources:-

In the earlier form of notifications dealing, the user had to physically open the application first of all and after opening that application the notifications could be received, but with the arrival of push notifications, the messages could be viewed on the home screen of the gadget that the user had. This made gadget usage quite, easy and thus the most of modern day gadgets use push notifications to provide better usage experience to the users.