How to Setup a Wireless Printer


A wireless printer is a kind of printer that works over a home network, which is a wireless one or you may say a Bluetooth enabled or Wi-Fi enabled one that takes the printouts in a wireless way. The world of wired print copies has ended now and the time has come when the printouts can be made wireless which means you may take the print outs with your mobile, tablet, laptop and approximately everything with just the wireless transmission method. In case you need to look for the wireless setup for your printer, these tips may prove beneficial for you in certain ways.

How to Setup a Wireless Printer

1. Unpack the Printer and Assemble Its Parts:-

Put the power plug in, turn on the printer mains button and then install the printer cartridges. The startup routine should be followed after you have fixed the printer properly. You are having a wireless printer does not mean it can’t be connected with a wired network, it can be connected in both the ways, wirelessly and even without wires.

2. Now Take the User Manual in Your Hands:-

User manual is what contains all the instructions about a device. This includes the way you should detach the parts of a printer, making the connections, troubleshooting the device and the parts used in it. A user manual is the user’s best friend regarding the printer setup and even the other related purposes as well.

3. Auto Connect Enabled Printers:-

If you have bought some printer like HP auto wireless connect, these are the automatic printers that search for the available devices themselves and let you know which device is available for making the connection so as to take the print outs. If you have not purchased a printer yet, this one is the best for you.

4. Try Printing the Alignment Page first:-

Approximately all the printers are destined to go for an alignment copy first of all. This includes them to take out a sample copy of the pre-feed data first of all and when this copy comes out of the printer, it means it is fully functioning. Some even may take the print outs out of the cloud storage as well.

5. If The Printer Is New:-

Almost all the printer dealers have the service help lines and the first few services of printer come free if you have taken the printer from some authorized showroom. Consult the authorities if there is some problem with the installation process and they will send you some printer mechanic to assist you with the installation process.

6. The Connection Methods:-

There may be several available connection methods depending on the type of printer that you have bought for yourself. This may include a wired connection or a peer to peer printing. There is a helpline number in the user manual that can be bought into use if nothing seems to be useful in your case.