What Do Bed Bugs Look Like on the Skin


Bed bugs are the small blood sucking insects that infest your houses and take shelter at the places like your bed, etc. and keep hiding till you sleep and when they see that you are in your sleep, they suck your blood. Often these are found in motels and hotels but can even travel to your house and a sign that these are present in your surroundings is just that when you wake up, there will be the signs of blood sucking at your back and in case you need to know how these creatures look like, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like

1. Small, Flat and Oval Shaped Body Structure:-

Often all the bed bugs are found to have a small size with an oval or egg like shape. These are generally flat in body structure and look like a tiny insect traveling in your surroundings often you may miss confuse these creatures as tiny cockroaches if you are able to spot one in your surroundings.

2. Have No Wings In General: –

The bed bugs are having no wings in general. Some people are always doubtful about bugs and confuse the adult cockroaches as the bed bugs as even the cockroaches may be seen sometimes infesting your sleeping area, but let me tell you that the difference between a cockroach and a bed bug is of size as well as wings.

3. Adults Have the Wind Pads:-

The adult bed bugs may have vestiges of wings developed within their body that may make you get confused if it is a bed bug or something else but, still these wings are not fully functional and thus you may consider bed bugs to be the wingless creatures.

4. Color Generally, Brown But Even May Get Reddish After Feeding Your Blood:-

The bedbugs generally have got brown color associated with their body, but as the bed bugs are blood feeders, this color may even change to a little bit reddish with time. The more blood they get, the more brown changes to red and thus this also may help you judge if it is a bed bug around you or some other insect.

5. Slow In Movement and Keep Hiding:-

The bed bugs are often slow while in motion and they keep hiding the most of the time. The bed bugs do not prefer to be seen and thus they are hidden in the cracks and crevices or the dark areas the most of time while when you are in your sleep, these may arrive the area and reside under you to suck your blood.

6. Not Too Small To Be Seen With the Naked Eyes: –

Though some of the bed bugs are really small but the many of them are not too small in size and thus can be spotted easily. Most of the bed bugs are in 4-5 mm of size that is big enough to be seen by the naked eyes.