Who Invented Disney and Other Cartoons


We relish enjoying cartoon movies and shows. The fights between Tom and Jerry make us go crazy with all our teeth involved in the laugh. The cartoons like Scooby Doo or tintin etc., made our childhood full of adventure and even the cartoons like captain planet, superheroes like superman, spider man etc taught us that evil always gets defeated from goodness. A cartoon is an essential part of childhood and perhaps is the best way to enhance creativity in a soul. Regarding the fact that invented these cartoons, the facts and figures that we have bought for you will make you aware of it for sure.

Who Invented Cartoons

1. The Arrival of First Animated Cartoon:-

Regarding the first animated cartoon, it was created by a French based director Émile Cohl. The name of this cartoon was “Fantasmagorie” and it was released in year 1908. Afterwards much other effort was made with the release of “Gertie the Dinosaur” by Winsor McCay that depicts a perfect example of true character animation

2.We have been accustomed Of Cartoons since Very Initial Age:-

We have been accustomed of cartoons since very initial age. If I talk about a small boy of second to third class standard, he will try making drawings of people that does not looks more than a cartoon. Thus we can say that cartoons are in fashion since centuries, but the commercialization of it was done afterwards.

3. Cartoons by Walt Disney:-

Walt Disney produced the first fully colored version of cartoon in Technicolor, “Flowers and Trees”, in year 1931. Technicolor then it became a brand making cartoons. The first cartoon amongst this time being “Steamboat Willy”, which was a Mickey Mouse cartoon made in 1928 by Walt Disney made firstly in black and white but then colored cartoons also came into being.

4. The Further Changes and Adoptions Made:-

The further changes and adaptations were then made to the cartoons and style of cartooning. The first animation credited with having a sound track 1924 Koko Song Car-Tunes by the Fleisher bros. The colorful cartoons then bought about a paradigm shift in the world of cartoons making them world famous.

5. The Arrival of Cartoon Based Theme Parks:-

After cartoons became famous, the cartoon based theme parks also came to existence and soon there were parks like Disney adventure island, etc featuring live toons making fun enjoying with tourists enjoying rides on slides all together.

6. Cartoons in Contemporary World:-

The cartoons today are much a work of animation and imagination than the olden spirit. The cartoons these days are colorful and as good as living creatures. The world of cartooning has got full of creativity and thus is becoming contagious day by day.